Fast Video Trimmer

Produce dozens of pieces of content faster than ever before. Choose parts of the transcription of your long-form video or audio content to chop out content pieces or cut video. Cut videos intuitively to the desired length and generate bite-sized social videos quickly.

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Get Video Content For Social Media Faster Than Ever Before

With ContentFries Online Video Trimmer, you can cut your audio or video file and produce multiple clips ready for social.

In ContentFries, we call long-form content "potatoes". You can turn these into bite-sized content fries without hassle. In other words, you can turn your long-form content into very engaging short-form video content ready for social.

ContentFries video trimmer generates content fries, bite-sized videos which you can modify in the context editor. This way, you can upload your video, trim it into as many fries as you want, and produce engaging videos optimized for social and sound off.

ContentFries is a content multiplier app that does all the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes. Our intuitive interface can trim and multiply a video online and generate dozens of pieces of content on the cloud in bulk.

Trim a video by using smart transcription

Our video trimming tool can automatically generate very accurate video transcription. This allows you to use the transcription to cut and trim videos online by using the text.

The interface is very clean and straightforward, with a simple goal in mind: We aim to help you produce in minutes what usually takes hours.


Remove filler words from your videos

Uhs, ohs, and ums... Video files, interviews, live streams, and others often include dozens of these! Did you know that people will perceive you as more educated when you avoid these?

It is easy to remove filler words with the ContentFries video trimmer, no matter your accent. You can remove even hundreds of filler words in seconds with a few mouse clicks. And also, customize the list of filler words to fit your needs.

Remove silence with a click of a button

Produce jump cuts and remove silence from your video. Specify the duration of silences you want to remove or use predefined settings.

No more hassle with the video editor timeline. Do the same with a few simple clicks!


Cut a video online to the perfect length

Whether you repurpose your long-form video into Instagram stories, TikTok videos, or YouTube videos, you will immediately see if the video duration is off the limits.

An integrated context system will keep an eye on the perfect length so you have immediate feedback if your video is too short or long. Thanks to this, you do not need to remember different platform limitations.

Generate bite-sized videos and quotes for social

It doesn't end with the video cutter and trimmer. ContentFries is a content repurposing platform that allows you to generate bite-sized videos thanks to the powerful context editor.

Add a progress bar, audiogram, engaging subtitles, logos, and more, and create reusable templates.

The <a href="" target="_blank">quotes generator</a> allows you to build a quote library and generate random quotes to quickly fill up your content calendar.


Simply upload your video or audio content

ContentFries offers various upload methods to provide stable and fast file uploads.

You can upload your video or audio files from your desktop computer or mobile device or paste a direct link to the video file.

Our Google Drive and Dropbox integrations are popular for teams and agencies, as it offers super-fast uploads and better team collaboration.

Trim videos regardless of file types

Start trimming your videos without the need to encode your videos before uploading.

Some file types, like .avi or .mov, might not be supported by your browser, depending on the codec used in the video. ContentFries automatically creates an encoded version of your video to make sure it is optimized for speed and bandwidth.

This version of your video file that is automatically generated behind the scenes works fast and flawlessly in all major browsers. Thanks to this, you are not forced to encode or modify your video clip before using it in ContentFries.


Online video cutter and multiplier for smart content creators

If you produce any long-form content, you can easily leverage it with ContentFries trimmer.

Trim your video as a text document. Use sliders on the timeline to make or adjust your cuts with perfect precision.

Use the video trimmer to produce a modified version of the same video or produce dozens of pieces of content out of your long-form content.

Look no further if you need a way to repurpose your interviews and zoom calls, podcasts, live streams, webinars, or other long-form content. Integrate a very productive content marketing workflow and repurpose your precious content.

Do what well-established content creators do without a team of content production people.

Download the trimmed video clip or turn it into audio

You can easily download all pieces of content you generate from your trimmed video as a video or audio file.

All videos generated by the trimmer are supported in all major video players, browsers, and social media. Without losing video quality.


Pick templates for generated content pieces

Use the global templates library, or create custom reusable templates. With our templating system, you can quickly spin up your branding-friendly and engaging content for social.

Video trimmer lets you pick templates before your content is generated to save you as much time as possible.

Automatically stitch intro and outro

ContentFries trimmer automates the tedious task of adding an intro and outro. With this feature, you can multiply your video into dozens of content pieces and automatically add an intro and outro of your choice everywhere.


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