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Create as many templates as you want. Whether you have many clients or you are publishing content to various social media, multiple, or even dozens of different and unique templates can come in handy.

Mind Literally Blown. What would have taken me hours to caption for one of my ad clients just took me 10, maybe 15 minutes. Now I've been around the block and have used a lot of tools. But hot damn.

Jesseka Fox
Lead Gen Expert, CEO at Vetted Choice

This software is a game changer! I've been able to generate over 100 pieces of content to populate my social!

Michelle Lewis
Visibility and publicity expert,

ContentFries is a fantastic time-saving tool that I have been recommending to my friends and sharing in private expensive masterminds.

Reed Floren

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Is there any watermark on videos?
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Is VAT included in plan prices?
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