Simple Webinar Content Repurposing Workflow For 2022


Webinar content is a great type of a long video content that you can repurpose. One great webinar has a potential equal to a handful videos, at the very least. Why is that, you may ask? Discover more in this article.

What are the benefits of webinar content repurposing?

Repurposed content is the most cost-effective content. While trimming an entire webinar may take a while, you will get a lot of content in return.

Video content creation, on the other hand, requires you to do a research, create a script, set up and prepare for recording, edit the video and finally, schedule or publish the video.

For that reason, it is very wise to repurpose your webinar content, especially if it is long. Remember, leveraging already existing advantages will give you an edge over your competitors in content marketing.

If you have multiple webinars in reserve, you can get weeks' worth of content just by repurposing them.


Get dozens of bite-sized video content fast

Once you find contextually fitting segments, you will able to trim out multiple short video clips very swiftly. Perhaps your guest is a financial freedom expert and he spoke about passive income.

And just like that, you have many social media posts from one small segment of a webinar, as you can publish it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, perhaps even Tiktok and others.

If you notice that a part, or parts of your webinar were especially noteworthy, do not hesitate to publish them in a video clip format.

Keep your virtual assistant busy

Inform your virtual assistant when exactly you will broadcast a webinar.

Did the webinar speakers or you yourself say something valuable, interesting, thought-provoking? Let your virtual assistant take notes to mark such meaningful segments of your webinar in a HH:MM:SS (hours : minutes : seconds) format.

Once the webinar is over, you will be able to find and extract marked webinar parts very swiftly. This is a terrific way to publish or schedule more bite-sized content on multiple social channels.


Discover great ideas and turn them into quote cards

There are times when you or your guest says something that's like a hidden gem. When that happens, it is nothing less than a great idea to turn such a valuable part into one or a handful of quotes.

Once again, a virtual assistant can be of much help—simply request him/her to write down sentences or thoughts she found especially remarkable and unique.

If you or your guest says just 5 notable sentences throughout the webinar, then that's 5 more pieces of content you can save to your content calendar.


Increase watch-through rate and sales

You can use bite-sized content as a traffic source which will link to your webinar.

Every visitor counts if your webinar has 5-20% conversion!

You can make up to 2 to 8 more sales if you manage to bring just 100 more visitors, of which 40 watch the webinar. That is an outstanding outcome!

The more platform you publish on and the more bite-sized content you create from your webinar, the higher the reach and overall engagement may be.


Get more followers

Webinar is a type of content that creators prepare up to several days in advance.

It would be a pity not to use the maximum potential of this amazing content. Since content pieces will have a high-quality thanks to the webinar, do not hesitate to create as much attention-grabbing content pieces as you can. They may attract many new fans and a cause a lot of stir.


Save time

Since you are able to create dozens of content pieces, videos, quotes, and many more types of content, you can fall asleep with a peace of mind knowing that your content schedule is taken care of.

You will save a lot of time as a result and you can redirect your focus onto other activities.


Create a blog post

If you are able to obtain a webinar transcription, rewrite it into a blog post.

Keep in mind that while one individual may fancy watching videos, another individual will appreciate reading more. Also, transforming webinar transcription into a blog post may attract new audience, among other things.

We highly recommend to add additional 2-3 valuable insights to extend on the topic even further, and make it irresistible for people that prefer reading more rather than watching videos.


Leverage your webinar to the fullest potential

If your webinar scored, consider turning it into an evergreen webinar.

Evergreen webinar is another fantastic way of repurposing content.

An evergreen webinar is a type of webinar that can be accessible indefinitely. If the webinar topic is universal enough, you can turn any of your webinar into an evergreen one.

There are two types of evergreen webinars: on-demand webinars and an automated webinars. Such webinars can be up and running on your website on a loop.

Leverate your webinar to its fullest potential by repurposing it strategically. Use micro content pieces to drive traffic back to the webinar landing page. This can lead to increased traffic, leads and sales.

On-demand webinars

Just like it sounds, on-demand webinars can be watched by your users anytime they wish to, giving them a luxury of choice. This type of webinar is pre-recorded.

A library of on-demand webinars are a brilliant way to generate traffic, build your brand, and increase your sales without much effort, since they are automated.


Automated webinars

An automated webinar will be broadcasted on a particular day and hour on a regular basis. In comparison to a live webinar, this type of webinar is, naturally, also pre-recorded, and broadcasted automatically, effectively removing any need of hosting or partaking in it.

Some automated webinar softwares may let you create and schedule interactions—such as audience questions, links, polls and more—to show up at set times throughout your video presentation. The attendee will see such events happening in real time.

There is a fundamental difference between an automated webinar and an on-demand webinar. While the automated webinar is broadcasted for all attendees at a specified time automatically, without the possibility for attendees to change the broadcasted time, on-demand webinars are broadcasted for an individual whenever he demands it.


Not all webinars are eligible to become evergreen

Not all webinars are eligible to become evergreen webinars. If you want to make a webinar evergreen, you need to make sure that the topic of your webinar is not relevant only at a particular moment in time.

Some past events will inevitably become less relevant as time goes by. You have to ask yourself: "Will people discuss the same topic we've covered in one, two, five, ten years' time?" If the answer is a resounding yes, then the webinar is eligible to become evergreen.

A few examples of a webinar topic that is too particular: "Working with Windows Vista", "Proposed change in tax law" that failed to pass, or "Gold price prediction for year 2021".

Also, there is no point in turning a non-converting webinar into the evergreen webinar. Test the market by doing the webinar live first, then, if it works as intended, turn it into evergreen webinar, or create enhanced version as an evergreen.

Repurpose your webinar and turn it into dozens of unique content pieces in one afternoon!

While planning, setting up, directing and eventually recording webinars is not a simple task, they represent one of the most effective demand generation techniques.

Repurposing content, and especially repurposing webinar content into a handful or dozens of shorter videos will inevitably maximize the potential of a webinar.

The sole variety of content you can produce for your target audience should not be underestimated, not mentioning the amount of content you can get in return.

But... there is a catch. To truly maximize the potential of a webinar, you need a video editor (whom you probably need to pay or compensate otherwise), or you yourself need to be proficient in video editing.


Meet ContentFries

ContentFries is like your content virtual assistant that allows you to repurpose your long-form videos (we call them potatoes) into crispy bite-sized content fries and quotes for social media in no-time.

You will be able to create contextual content for weeks or months ahead faster than ever before. Usually, small creators can't stand a chance against established brands or individuals with a team of production people. With ContentFries, you can put an end to that


No expertise required

Video editing has a steep learning curve you can overcome only by watching hours upon hours of "How to" video tutorials and no one can guarantee you that you will become proficient as fast as you'd like or need to.

On the other hand, ContentFries requires zero expertise. With user friendly interface, extensive onboarding, and cloud based rendering, there is nothing that can stop you dead in your tracks.


Upload your webinar content

Upload your webinar footage through ContentFries's Trimmer wizard. You can upload from your computer, Google Drive, Drobpox or from Youtube via link.

Select your language and choose how many content pieces you would like to cut out. Choose your content pieces contexts, such as Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, LinkedIn, Youtube, and others afterwards.

You can turn the "Auto-finish once uploaded" setting on, and work on other things while your webinar is being uploaded.

Note that videos will be uploaded the fastest from Youtube and Google Drive. This comes in especially handy if you have a youtube channel, as you can not only import your videos to ContentFries, but also publish trimmed out content pieces onto your channel, essentially multiplying your reach.


Use transcription and repurpose webinar content like a text document

Once your webinar is uploaded, Trimmer's interface will appear. Now, you have three options:

  1. Transcribe the whole video—a transcription in the language you chose during the uploading process will appear. ContentFries will automatically use this transcription to generate very accurate subtitles / captions.

  2. Paste script or transcribe your video manually

  3. Import captions in an .srt, .vtt, .stl, .sbv, .sub, .ass, .dfxb, .ttml or a .qt.txt file.

Webinar is a great long-form video content that you can repurpose by using a content marketing strategy like GaryVee Content model.

In short, all it takes is to chop out all the great moments and turn them into content that is contextual to the platforms of your choice. We are building ContentFries with this in mind since the beginning.

Now, how to trim out a segment of your webinar, you ask? Well, the process is extremely easy.

You simply mark the sentences that you would like to become a new video via drag and drop, and click on "Create new fry" afterwards.

In other words, imagine that the webinar is a potato. By marking the sentences and creating new videos from them, you chop and fry the potato (webinar) into small fries (videos or bite-sized videos).

You can also mark any sentences and store them as a quote by clicking on "Store as a quote idea".


Export videos on cloud to avoid slowing down your computer

ContentFries exports videos on cloud, which completely leaves your computer's hardware out of the equation. In other words, you do not need even a moderately powerful computer to export your videos in ContentFries, since your computer will not participate in exporting at all.

You can freely upload, edit, trim—or anything else, for that matter—other videos while your video is being exported. The exported video will show up in dashboard if you exported from Trimmer, or a "Download" window will pop up if you exported it from Context Editor.


Use Context Editor to make your videos visually appealing

If you'd like to make your videos extra fancy, you can open them up in a Context Editor.

You can add as many visual components as you like to your video, including basic elements, such as headlines, rectangles, circles, to more advanced elements, such as images from a huge image library, audiowaves, and so on.

There is no limit to your imagination, so do not hesitate to spice it up!

Start repurposing your webinars today!

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