Special Introductory Done-For-You Plans

Your Content, Our Magic Touch

If you're looking to outsource video editing and repurposing, we're here to help.
We will accept only 2 new clients at this point.
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Payment frequency


$350 /month

Billed annually at $4,200

Ideal for content creators with more than 5,000 subscribers.

  • Unlimited ContentFries account included
  • Two requests at a time
  • Two working days turnaround time for one request
  • Video output crafted into desired aspect ratios
  • Human-made subtitles
  • Standard video editing services
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$700 /month

Billed annually at $8,400

Crafted for content creators with more than 50,000 subscribers.

  • Unlimited ContentFries account included
  • Five requests at a time
  • One working day turnaround time for one request
  • Video output crafted into desired aspect ratios
  • Human-made subtitles
  • Standard video editing services
  • Premium video editing for short-form portrait videos for Reels, TikTok, and YouTube #shorts
  • Drafts for social media posts
  • Content scheduling on autopilot, or approve before posting
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Record or upload

Send us as many videos as you want, or a link where you publish your content. We'll take care of the rest. Special unlimited ContentFries account included.

Ready to publish without hassle

Get first deliverables in 1-2 business days. We'll repurpose and edit your video content, hand-crafted for your brand.

Never miss a day again

Have an unprocessed content lying in a shelf? We will work hard to get the most out of it and prepare month worth of content in advance.

Adapting for Success

If something takes off, we'll help you to keep the momentum going. If you need to prioritize something else, just hit us with a message.

Multiply your reach without overwhelming

For busy content creators and business owners

It's like your own content production team, but for less than a virtual assistant. No hourly rates, single flat fee.

Reduce CAC
Get more leads from social and decrease your cost of acquisition.
Build trust and authority
73% prefer short-form videos. Use this to your leverage and attract more people to visit your funnels, website or longer videos.
Increase Good Will
Share your best knowledge, tips and expertise. Increase word of mouth and conversions as a payoff.
Stay Relevant
People research before making purchase decision. There's nothing more repelling than bad reviews and inactive social media account.
Fill up your content schedule
We will work hard to find a way to produce a month worth of content in advance. No more skipped days! Get all content conveniently ready on ContentFries, private Dropbox link.

Content scheduling included in Premium package.

Content on autopilot
Send it and forget it. Hit us with a link to your YouTube channel or other platform where you produce long-form content. We will monitor it and add new content to the processing queue.
Progress Updates
Stay in the loop with consistent progress updates. We’ll touch base thrice weekly, keeping you informed about the content we're crafting for you. Need something else? Just hit us with a message!
Brand consistency
Your brand's voice and image are paramount. We meticulously align with your brand guidelines to ensure every piece of content we deliver resonates with your unique identity.

From content creators for content creators

Get the most out of content you already have

In collaboration with Andy Winson, a well-known Slovak motivational speaker and our Co-Founder, our team embodies a unique synergy. Andy's expertise in cultivating a 500K-strong social media following in a tiny market, coupled with his team's success in assembling large seminar audiences, equips us to provide a service tailored to make your content truly shine. Our combined strengths ensure your content will capture attention in the bustling digital landscape.

Together, we're dedicated to delivering services that not only amplify your content but also enhance our platform. Our collective aim is to better understand your needs to keep advancing ContentFries in the most meaningful directions.

If you need to outsource content repurposing and video editing for social media, act fast, as we will only take the next 2 clients at this time.


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Done-For-You services by ContentFries

Looking to elevate your short-form videos? Book a free call or contact us at, and we'll determine if our service aligns with your needs. Get top-tier content repurposing and video editing, all more affordable than hiring a virtual assistant. Act quickly — this offer is open to only 2 new clients at this time.