AI Clips Detector Now Available In Early Access!


Are you ready to revolutionize your content creation process? We’re thrilled to announce the early access release of our powerful AI Clips Detector, integrated into ContentFries. This new feature is set to transform how you repurpose content, making the process faster, easier, and more efficient.


Transforming Content Creation

In today’s digital landscape, a content repurposing tool without robust AI capabilities is simply obsolete. That's why we're introducing our new AI clip detector, now available in early access!

This tool will drastically change how you use ContentFries, bringing significant improvements and enhancements.

Previously, extracting five clips from a one-hour video took us 50-70 minutes.

With our new AI Clips Detector, you can now repurpose long-form content into high-quality clips in just minutes.

Specifically, it takes about 10-20 minutes to adjust clips from a 120-minute video.

The process is streamlined, user-friendly, and we aim to automate as much as possible.

The Journey So Far

Earlier this year, we launched ContentFries 2.0, which included massive improvements to the editor but left the trimmer and repurposing capabilities mostly unchanged.

Despite some AI features in the legacy trimmer, they didn’t utilize modern LLM models and often failed to recognize clips in long-form content.

That’s all changing with our new AI clip detector. Using cutting-edge technology, it extracts high-quality clips from long-form videos in seconds.

It doesn’t stop at clipping; it also splits your video into scenes, automatically reframes to the speaker, and allows adjustments in the editor.

We're also developing a split-screen feature to overlay up to four speakers simultaneously.

How It Works

After uploading your content, it undergoes processing to enable the AI clips detector.

The AI then analyses your content, generating automatic subtitles and detecting scene changes. Once processing is complete, a single click triggers the magic.

With this new tool, ContentFries uses advanced AI models to create high-quality clips. In our testing, AI-detected clips matched closely with manually extracted clips, requiring only minor adjustments.

And if you need to modify the clip timings, you can do so by clicking on a word where you want your clip to start or end.

You can expect frequent, almost daily changes and improvements. Seeing the value it provides us when creating content for our clients, we don't want to keep you waiting any longer.

What’s Done:

  • AI clips detector with multiple language support

  • Live clip preview

  • Automatic scene reframe

  • Easily adjust starting and ending points by choosing a word

  • Ideal for 30+ minute long-form videos

  • Currently supports portrait clips

  • Modify clips in the editor

What Needs to be Done Before Releasing:

  • Multiple aspect ratios

  • Easily add additional custom clips

  • Split screen support

  • Modify subtitles without entering the editor

  • Change the layout without entering the editor

  • Remove silences and disfluencies

  • Remove specific sentences or words

  • Additional unique features to be announced

  • Tutorials, onboarding and videos

Important Notes:

  • The early access feature is under development, so expect frequent changes.

  • There might be bugs and issues.

  • It will continue to get better and faster.

Future Enhancements

Once the AI clipping tool is finalized, it will simplify the interface for short-form content as well. Our ultimate goal is to make it so intuitive that even busy content creators and small business owners can use it effortlessly, even without prior video editing experience. We plan to automate 80-90% of video editing tasks, with a simple editor available for advanced tweaks.

We’re also simplifying the uploading process. Instead of dealing with contexts, you'll choose the aspect ratio for your clips, typically portrait for short-form content. Automatic resizing to other aspect ratios will also be available.

A Massive Transformation

These changes will redefine ContentFries as you know it. We’re listening to your feedback and are committed to combining a clear, simple interface with powerful features and AI automation. ContentFries is undergoing a massive revolution, and we’re excited for you to be part of it.

Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to try out the new AI Clips Detector. Let us know what you think in our Facebook group.