Add progress bar to video

Add a customizable progress bar to videos to keep your viewers engaged and hooked to the end. Choose line, double or quadruple preset. Create LAD-bible like progress bar without wasting time learning complicated video editors, mastering keyframes and never-ending re-editing for other aspect ratios.


Make your video unique with a progress bar


Upload your video. Drag and drop from your device, use direct link, or upload from Google Drive or Dropbox for super fast uploads and better team collaboration.


Modify it. Choose a custom color, modify the height, change its position, set a shadow. Or delete it in case you do not want to use it.


Differentiate. Add more progress bars or set your progress bar to a double or quadruple one to make your video even more unique.


Hook the attention of viewers from start to finish.

Let's face it. Videos are everywhere.

Every business owner aspires to create highly engaging and catchy video content.

Now, more people than ever before are using social media for their company, and videos reign supreme in this realm.

That's why your message on social can get lost in the noise.

When you share a video on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other online platform, you want to stand out. That means your video must be eye-catching.

You have a fraction of a second to create a burning desire to watch your video.

Adding a progress bar animation on your social videos can help you with that.

You can add a progress bar to video without hassle using ContentFries.

Businesses are using ContentFries to create dynamic, engaging, and high converting social videos for their marketing campaigns as well as to fill up their content calendar.

Adding a progress bar to your video ads or video content has never been easier.

Add a progress bar to video to produce engaging content for social media.

The progress bar is one of the ContentFries tools at your disposal.

It is added automatically after you upload your video as a part of the video template.

And it's fully customizable as well - adjust the color, height, or position as you want.

Stand out on social and grab the attention of your audience with a progress bar animation.

ContenFries makes it easy. The fully adjustable progress bar is one of the tools it offers.

The progress bar animation increases the chance that viewers will watch your videos from start to finish, especially on short videos for social media.

ContentFries makes it easy to add a progress bar to your video and customize the look of it so you can make it stand out and fit with different platforms.

Inside of the context editor, you can place the progress bar in a perfect spot, ensuring that no matter where you put it, your video will look great.

ContentFries also allows you to change the color of the progress bar to match your brand and make sure that viewers can easily see how far along they are in your videos.

Add progress bar to video

ContentFries have an online video editor that allows you to add progress bar to your video without hassle.

ContentFries is perfect for social media, and it allows you to create engaging videos with customized features.

If you create short videos for Instagram, Facebook, Linked or TikTok, adding a progress bar can help you increase your watch-through and engagement rate.

Doing this manually is not easy.

You need to have video editing skills and software, which often makes adding progress bars hard and tedious work while looking for answers on Google or YouTube for hours with questionable output quality.

ContentFries does all the hard work for you. ContentFries has a simple, integrated progress bar feature that makes adding one to your videos easy and is perfect for social.

The ContentFries team helps content creators and small entrepreneurs add engaging videos to their websites and social media on a budget without any video editing skills or advanced software.

Our goal is to make content marketing and content production as easy as possible.

It's very simple. Add or upload your video, modify the progress bar, and download your video without any quality loss!

You can even create dozens of templates online with different progress bars and use them as presets without ever using complicated software again.


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