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Create attention-grabbing videos in minutes. Attract your target audience. Produce more content with ease. Be where your customers are.
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Create stunning content pieces in 3 simple steps



1, 5, or 10 raw videos? It depends on your audience’s appetite. Upload your content and let the magic happen.

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Slice and fry

Multiply your content and create crispy and beautifully looking output.

Get more reach

Distribute everywhere you want and enjoy the multiplied reach.

Journey to your omnipresence
starts with the first step

Create content pieces like the legends do

And the best part? You don’t need an army of production people or expensive softwares to create eye-catching videos like these!


Shortcut your content creation cycle. Create 2-10x more content for the same time as before. Be super productive. Spread your message to more people.

Context Editor

Bring your videos to live with custom headlines, progress bars, images or elements. Repurpose your context with ease as never before.

AI Captions generator

60+ languages supported. Based upon one of the most advanced text-to-speech technologies provided by Google. Optimised to be fast and precise. Correct small typos and get your captions ready to roll in no time.

ContentFries Trimmer

Repurpose your long videos to multiple content pieces. Use this extremely fast content multiplying method to get 5 - 10 - 20 - 100 or as many content pieces ready to be published ASAP.

WordPress integration

Turn your videos and transcripts into blog posts in just few clicks. Publish, schedule or save drafts directly from ContentFries. Connect as many WordPress blogs as you like. Bring your blog to life and get more traffic to it.

Bulk & cloud exports

Command ContentFries to export up to 10 videos in one run. Grab a coffee and let ContentFries do the heavy lifting for you... Forget about crazy expensive hardware just to render your videos, thanks to sofisticated export which is happening in the cloud.

Templating system

Create custom templates, or choose any of the global templates created by us. Change anything to your needs. Save as much time as possible thanks to responsive linked contexts.

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Fill Up Your Content Calendar Faster Than Ever Before

Right now… Creating multiple pieces of content from one source is HARD.

Get the source, cut, edit, transcribe, modify in post-production, export, upload, publish… So cumbersome!

What if you can get a tool that massively helps you with content multiplying? 

Our mission is to turn that into reality! So it feels kinda like cheat codes for games!

85% of people watch videos WITHOUT sound. Get an unfair advantage of it!

In-video captions are a CRUCIAL part of keeping the content as engaging as possible. 

At least on platforms, where the sound is not on. Nothing new – every marketer knows that nowadays. 

Let’s be honest. People are busy.
They don’t have the time or resources to add captions to every piece of content they publish… Even though they realize how important it is. 

Sounds familiar? Forget the old-school, annoying and time-consuming transcribing.

Prepare for ground-breaking AI technology – as a part of ContentFries! 

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60+ Languages Supported

Create crutial content pieces from your SINGLE video

Multiply your content in MINUTES instead of hours to… Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs or anywhere else you want.


And that's just a
tip of the Iceberg!

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