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ONE Content Credit Equals To:

STOP paying for upload minutes tor features you don't need. Let's take a look at what you get for just ONE content credit:

3,000 Simple Frames

That's 100 seconds of a simple-component export. All layers are counted separately. Exported videos usually contain up to 5 simple component, or 4 simple components and 1 animated component, usually animated subtitles.

150 Animated Frames

Animated component can make your content more engaging, but it's about 40x more compute-heavy to render. This includes animated subtitles, but if you're working on a longer video, static subtitles are a great, cost-effective alternative.

6 Seconds of Automatic Subtitles

More than 80% of viewers on social watch videos on mute, so subtitles can dramatically increase your watch-through rate. Automate the process to generate subtitles with an average accuracy of 95%.

60 AI-Processed Words

Generate multiple content fries from long-form videos with a click of a button. Generate AI video headlines, or use other tools from our AI lab. We count either processed or generated words, depending on which count is higher.

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