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Repurpose your existing content and distribute it to other platforms to build your omnipresence.


Get weeks of content in a single afternoon


Upload a video. Paste a script, import captions file, or generate transcription automatically. Then use it to multiply your content with just drag and drop in a text document.


Generate content fries. Pick platforms you're interested in. Thanks to the integrated context system, ContentFries will automatically pick the best aspect ratio for your Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other video.


Export in a bulk. No need to have an expensive PC just to render your content. No need to learn hard to use video software. Enjoy fast cloud exports. Download your content pieces and distribute them anywhere you want.

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Don't put all the eggs in one basket

It's risky to build your online presence on just one platform. One unfortunate piece of content or a situation we can't affect may cause account loss. Just few years ago no one ever thought of pandemic or Russian invasion.

We believe the best approach is to focus 80% of efforts to a primary platform of your choice and use it to repurpose content for other platforms as well.

With ContentFries you can simply repurpose your long-form video content to bite-sized videos for social media, quotes, blog posts and more.

Start repurposing what you already have strategicaly. ContentFries is like your next-gen content repurposing virtual assistant for a fraction of cost.

Ultimate content marketing solution for small business owners

Be consistent

It's much easier to stay in track with consistent content schedule. Repurpose your long videos once or twice a month and create weeks worth of content from them.

Generate quotes

Don't have time to create videos? Generate motivational quotes, or create quote cards out of your quote ideas in seconds. Then download and publish anywhere you want.

Time saving tools

It take minutes what usually take hours. Use our auto transcription system with high accuracy to create video subtitles, or turn it into blog post. Remove silent parts out of your videos, uhs and ohs and more with few clicks of a button.

Create engaging videos fast

Add fancy progress bar, catchy headline, subtitles, image background, logo and more to your bite-sized video content in no time and create beautiful and reusable templates. Auto generation of custom aspect ratios is also supported.

Maybe you're wondering...

Is my language supported by the automatic captions generator?

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