GaryVee Content Model Explained in 60 Seconds


Gary Vaynerchuk, or as his fans know him "GaryVee," is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and social media influencer who has been building businesses for decades.

People love him for his authenticity and how he cares for others.

His results turned him into a legend among entrepreneurs and multiplatform content creators and today we’re going to take a look at his extremely popular content model.

GaryVee Content Model = dozens of content pieces created out of a SINGLE long-form piece of content.

This is the strategy which he and his team uses daily to produce hundreds of content pieces every week. How is he doing it? How is he providing value for millions of people all over the world on so many social platforms?

Read this article to grasp the fundamentals of the GaryVee content model, and discover how you too can implement such a content strategy—and the BEST part—even without a team of production people.

This strategy is an extremely practical method for content creation that provides value to your audience, which in turn results in increased reach, engagement, and conversions.

The beauty of this method is in its simplicity. Once you take a grasp of it, chances are you'll drastically improve your content marketing efforts in a short period of time.

It's the perfect model for businesses and individuals who are looking to cut through all the noise but still create great content that will engage people on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This is how it works.

Start with a Pillar Content


Pillar content is long-form audio or video. Chances are you don't have to create pillar content, as you already may have some video presentation, own blog, daily vlog, or other material.

Examples of pillar content

Think of a Q&A, keynote speech, interview, vlog, podcasts, webinar, etc.

But it doesn't have to be solely a video or audio. If you prefer to write, you can use your blog post as a source to create captions for social media posts, quote cards, or even repurpose it into shorter articles, Instagram stories, videos, or use text-to-speech and turn it into audio.

Repurposing potential

The longer your pillar content is, the higher its repurposing potential. That means you can get dozens of pieces of content out of a single pillar content.

If your pillar content is a video, you can create an audio version of it and publish it as a podcast. If you have a long blog post, turn it into a video and vice versa. But the real fun just begins!

Create short-form pieces of content

Chop out the best ideas into pieces of content for other platforms. Turn the knowledge in the video into smaller pieces of micro-video content.

Create engaging videos for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or any other platforms you want.

Context - 3 keys to high-quality content for social media

Spice it up and make it more engaging!

Add a catchy headline that grabs the attention.

Add a progress bar to your micro-video content pieces and keep the viewer hooked from the beginning to the end.

Add captions to your video to make your video more appealing for more than 80% of people who are watching videos on social platforms usually on mute.

But don’t use these elements all the time. While it’s perfectly fine to add a catchy headline, progress bar, and captions for bite-sized content for Facebook and Instagram, it doesn’t make much sense for long-form content published on YouTube.

Remember context!

Think about what’s contextual for the platform where you publish your content.

Top-performing funny viral TikTok video would not perform well on LinkedIn, because people intend to behave differently and expect different content there.

I doubt you were ever looking for a "how to make better pictures" tutorial on Facebook, but chances are you did that on YouTube.

Pattern interrupt headlines like "SHOCKING simple way to make beautiful pictures" may get attention on Facebook, but search intent headline like "10 steps to create beautiful pictures with iPhone in 2021" would probably work better on YouTube.

That's why 3-minute square format eye-catching videos are perfectly fine for Facebook, but not a good fit for YouTube.

What you can do is simple.

Learn what kind of content works best on platforms you intend to use in your niche, then pick one primary platform for your pillar content and repurpose that content into contextual micro pieces of content for other platforms and channels.

Increase your reach and become omnipresent. GaryVee Content Model is a great strategy to do just that.

Best content creation? Ask and listen!

There's no better way to create engaging micro-content than to actually listen to people. That's why Gary uses a simple, but very powerful strategy, that you can start using immediately too.

Ask people to comment and mark parts of your pillar content that resonates with them the most, then turn those chunks into micro-content.

Give them those golden nuggets! Content creation doesn't have to be hard and this way, you truly can create popular posts for social platforms with a high re-sharing potential.

As Gary often says, you don't have to overthink content creation. You may, for example, record your business activities and publish them as long-form content, and voila - you're effectively documenting your journey!

Use micro-content as a FREE traffic source

Use micro-content to drive traffic back to the pillar content, your website, article, or lead magnet.

ContentFries can help you chop out your long video very fast without a team of production people and turn it into weeks of content for social media.

Keep in mind that you can always repurpose the micro pieces of content generated by ContentFries into other types of short-form social media posts. The sky is the limit!

Don't stop with videos only

Transcribe your pillar content

Transcribing your pillar content can not only produce an additional article, but also dozens of different and unique quote ideas, slides, meme pictures, or engaging images for social media.

Store quote ideas without the hassle

With ContentFries it's super easy to generate your own quote cards and fill up your content calendar with almost no effort.

Just drag and drop to select a chunk of text you want to store as a quote idea, then generate dozens of beautiful quotes with your own pictures or random backgrounds and publish them on platforms of your liking.

Store any amount of quote ideas that you can turn into a picture, note, or a beautiful quote card for Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Your own golden nuggets in form of valuable content chunks

Your quote idea can be anything - maybe you mentioned or shared some valuable idea, specific topic, note, interesting slide or you realize what you just said is like a golden nugget for your audience.

Just drag and drop it in the transcription and store it as a quote idea which will become your next micro-content.

It's like brainstorming on steroids, you intuitively gather resources for future use and process them into beautiful posts for social media whenever you want.

It's like your unfair advantage to follow the content strategy like GaryVee Content Model.

Wrapping it up

GaryVee content model is a very powerful content marketing strategy to create dozens of content pieces for social media out of one piece of long-form video, audio, or article.

Gary and his team uses this strategy to repurpose his keynote speeches, vlogs, questions and answers, and other types of long-form videos into dozens of micro pieces of content for social media.

It's structured as a reverse pyramid, with the pillar content at the beginning, which his team processes into short-form pieces of content like articles, quotes, stories, images, videos, and more.

These pieces of content are then distributed across all the different channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.

This way they utilize the full potential of their content, increase reach, engagement, and brand awareness, all of that by repurposing content strategically.

Use this strategy to create dozens of content pieces faster.

GaryVee content model or Peng Joon's Content Multiplier Formula are some of the very powerful content marketing strategies for creating content for any social platform.

However, it has to be mentioned that without proper tools, it may be difficult and time-consuming to implement them as a solopreneur or small team.

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