Big Move Announcement: ContentFries' Transition to Singapore - Here's What You Need to Know


Dear master chefs, we're making a move to Singapore! Please take a moment to read this announcement and understand the changes that will be coming.

Before we get into the details, rest assured that the heart and soul of ContentFries remain unchanged. Our dedicated team, vision, mission, roadmap, and the burning desire to provide the best service possible remain the same. Our commitment to creating something truly remarkable is unwavering.

Let me reassure you that any changes associated with the transition to our Singapore entity will not affect your account if you already have an active monthly, annual, or lifetime membership. There will be no negative impacts on your account limits, pricing, or feature availability.

These changes will take effect on the 10th of August, 2023.

ContentFries is moving to a Singapore entity

Seeing as the majority of our customer base comprises English-speaking users, we have decided to operate ContentFries under a Singapore entity.

Our current postal address is: Akademia Andyho Winsona s.r.o., Lubochnianska 4 83104 Bratislava, Slovakia

Our new postal address will be: CONTENTFRIES PTE. LTD., 20A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore (088443)

Please note: Akademia Andyho Winsona s.r.o. will remain our third-party partner that will have access to personal data of users that were registered before the transition. This partnership will be active to the end of the year 2023 to help us migrate all data in a secure and reliable manner.

Revamping our Pricing

With this transition, we have also chosen to revamp our pricing strategy to make it much simpler and to accommodate new feature introductions.

Our current pricing structure makes adding new features somewhat complicated because we have to adjust limits for each membership level accordingly as we introduce new features with associated costs.

That's why we've decided to transition to a content credits system. This means that with your membership you will receive a set amount of content credits. These credits can be used for services such as rendering, transcription, AI features, and more. Essentially, these content credits will allow you to pay specifically for the services you use.

Please note that these Content Credits are refreshed at the end of each billing cycle. Hence, any unused credits from your membership allocation will not roll over to the next billing period.

However, there's added flexibility. You will also have the option to purchase additional non-expiring content credits. These extra credits will only be used once your membership credits have been depleted. This ensures you can continue to use our services uninterrupted, even when your recurring content credits have been fully consumed.

We have worked hard to make the new content credits pricing model more cost-effective than the current one. However, pricing may vary based on the complexity of your needs.

If you have an active account, this change is voluntary. We will maintain your current limits unless you request us to migrate your account to the new system. For more information about the new pricing, please learn more here.

Paddle as our Merchant of Record

To keep our focus on developing and improving the platform, we've decided to employ Paddle as a merchant of record. They will handle all the tax compliance and billing-related tasks for us. Read more about what this means for you as a customer here.

Protecting Lifetime Accounts

All lifetime accounts will remain active as long as ContentFries operates, and we're now introducing a protection period of 3 years.

This means, in case of any unexpected difficulties leading to the shutdown of our company, we will continue offering the lifetime account for at least 3 years after the purchase was made, or after the transition to the Singapore entity, whichever is longer.

We understand that changes may raise questions or concerns. If you are unsure about these changes or feel they may not suit your situation, we are here to help. Should you not agree with the new protection policy for lifetime accounts or have any inquiries related to this alteration, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Maintaining Active Account Limits

With the transition, we are committed to keeping the limits of your active account the same, unless you ask us to switch to the new pricing model.

In general, higher-tier plans that offer unlimited rendering tend to be more cost-effective under our legacy pricing structure. However, if your subscription is a lower-tier plan or if your usage is more focused on activities such as transcriptions rather than video rendering, transitioning to our new model could prove advantageous.

Rest assured, the validity of all current memberships will remain unaffected after our transition to the Singapore entity. For our lifetime account holders, we want to emphasize that your accounts will stay active for the entirety of ContentFries operation, with a protection period in place as outlined previously, providing additional assurance for your ongoing membership.

If you're presently an active member, you can continue to enjoy your membership with the same benefits as before. However, to enable automatic renewals, you will need to enter your payment information into our new, secure checkout system located in your profile. This step ensures that your user experience continues to be seamless, even as we transition to the new entity.

Affiliate Partners

In case you are an affiliate partner with outstanding referrals, we will notify you via the email address you provided during the affiliate signup and send instructions to proceed with the final payout.

This payout will be made from our PayPal account linked to our Slovak company unless both parties agree to use a different payment method. If a different payment method incurs any additional costs, these will be deducted from the affiliate commission.

After the switch, your affiliate account will remain active with no changes. All future payouts and referrals will then be processed under the Singapore company.

The changes listed above are planned to be implemented smoothly and with minimal impact on you. However, we understand you may have questions or concerns, so don't hesitate to reach out to us for clarification. Your continued support and understanding are deeply appreciated. We can't wait to embark on this exciting new chapter with you!

With warm regards, CONTENTFRIES PTE. LTD.