ContentFries 2.0 Phases Explained


ContentFries 2.0 with features like content scheduling on social, better video editing features, text to video and more is very much awaited version of smart content master chefs. Let's have a look at what we're cooking for you and see for yourself what you can look forward to!

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Phase 1

Expected release: End of 2022 / Early 2023

Phase 1 contains many features that will help you organize your content better. Significant UI improvements will make the platform simpler and easier to use.


One of the most requested features will be included in this phase. Folders will support nesting and content organizing will be a breeze.

An interesting feature of folders is that they are globally shared between all content types. That means fries, potatoes and others will be included in the same folders. Thanks to this, it will be super easy to store all related content pieces and separate it by clients, folders, types—you name it...

Folders are also integrated into the uploader, which means that you can upload your content in a bulk and store all of it into the folder you need.

Bulk Uploader

Speaking of the bulk uploader, the content uploading process has been reworked from the ground up.

In the 2.0 version you can upload your content in a bulk. You can initiate the uploading process anywhere in the app just by dragging and dropping your files.

Upload your fries or potatoes in three simple steps and fine-tune settings in seconds.

Automatically finish once the upload is done and more.


All content will now be a part of workspace. Workspace is a feature in progress that will add additional organizational abilities.

When you create a new workspace, it will work like a new ContentFries account. As a team owner, you will be able to set who has access to which workspace and what permissions they have in particular.

New Dashboard

In ContentFries 1.0, the dashboard is a list of recent fries with charts that indicate your usage.

In the 2.0 version, the dashboard is much cleaner and doesn't give the vibe of the "fries" section.

It includes a very transparent usage charts and other useful statistics.

You can also see your recent fries and potatoes.

Mr. Fry will also give you useful tips on how to get the most out of your account.

Hurray to much better dashboard!

Light / Dark theme

The interface now supports light and dark theme. You can obviously toggle and use the one you prefer.

Need more light in your room? Use the light theme. Do you prefer dark themes? We got you covered.

Note that the theme preferences don't affect the Context editor or Trimmer, as these tools are in the first phase embedded from the 1.0 version.

Better Filtering Options

ContentFries 2.0 uses a different database system behind the scenes. This technical decision and the underlying database structure we developed makes it possible to filter your content super easily by any attributes.

This makes it possible to filter not only by the filename, file type, video duration or other attributes, but also by the video / audio transcription or anything else. Keep in mind the filtering options are work in progress and advanced filtering options will be included later.

Faster and more reliable service

Speaking of the database, it is now distributed on multiple servers and synced in real-time. In case the primary server has outage, next server will automatically take its place with zero outage.

We also increased the frequency of backups, so your content is stored in a super safe and reliable place.

Note that the Context editor and Trimmer is now currently embedded, so the full transition to this architecture will happen after Phase 3 is released.

Lighter and faster builds

On the frontend, we utilize the SvelteKit framework, the popularity of which is rapidly increasing.

This allows us to create very lightweight application builds that include only the code that is necessary on the specific page.

The most notable difference will be visible after we release ContentFries 2.0 in third phase.

Navigating between pages is also faster, as there is no full page refresh. On navigating, only what's needed changes.


Phase 2

We are working on Phase 2 simultaneously with Phase 1. We have a dedicated developer that works on integrations with social media.

Content Publishing / Scheduling

Expected release: Q1 / 2023

Once we release Phase 2.0, you will be able to schedule and post your content directly from ContentFries to social.

We will eventually add and support these integrations:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • TikTok

  • Pinterest

  • WordPress (Currently also available in the 1.0 version)


With auto-scheduling feature, you will be able to add your pieces of content to get scheduled and post them on social automagically (see what we did there?).

One of the use-cases include an option to automatically put pieces of content to be scheduled on successful export.

We will also include tags, so you will be able to create powerful automations without hassle.

This way you can schedule your content for weeks or months ahead!


Discover what content works the best. See the engagement of your posts, do more of what works and less of what doesn't.

See and analyze your audience growth and more.

Webhooks and automations

Create webhooks and integrate easily with platforms like Zapier or

Use it to store your content on Google Drive or Dropbox, notify your team via e-mail or Slack, or create custom, powerful automatizations.


Phase 3

Expected release: Q1 - Q2 2023

New Context editor and Trimmer built from the ground up. Faster and easier to use. No more embedding to utilize the full potential of ContentFries 2.0.

More video editing features

Context editor 2.0 will support keyframes, transitions, automatizations by using hashtags and more.

Native support of multiple sources will include video editing features like video b-roll and more, that are currently missing.

Hashtag automatizations will support video editing via the transcription without using the timeline.

Jumpcuts, compositions, and others will also be eventually supported.

Super Engaging Subtitles

One of the most popular features of ContentFries are subtitles presets. With it you can generate engaging subtitles with few clicks of a button.

In the 2.0 version we will push these options further. Word-after-word animations, subtitles and headlines transitions, powerful letter animations and more. This will make it easy to create engaging, scroll-stopping videos.

Next version of the Trimmer

Migrated version of the Trimmer will not include as many differences as the new context editor.

Core differences will include performance optimizations, option to choose super-fast transcription, which can be generated in under 60 seconds for any video length at the cost of slightly decreased accuracy and more.

One of the most notable differences will be the AI content analyzer.

With it, you will be able to create fries and summaries automatically.

You will also be able to create fries by composing and merging different parts of the transcription together.


Phase 4

Expected release: Q2 2023

Phase nr. 4 will include new and super powerful features like text-to-video, carousel generator, recipe maker, better automatizations and more.


Import your article and turn it into video. ContentFries will analyze the text content, find appropriate videos, even generate subtitle transitions or automatic voiceover.

All of that in minutes in few simple steps. This tool is currently a work in progress. It's 70% done, as we started to work on it in 2021 and postponed it because of other priorities.

Now we decided to add this tool into ContentFries, to make it even more awesome!


Phase 5 and onwards

We are also considering the mobile version of ContentFries, an option to create a public or private content library and more. We are community driven and continue to listen to your feedback and opinions.

What are your thoughts? What features are currently lacking and what are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!