ContentFries 2.0 Is Out!


Edit videos like text, swiftly repurpose and multiply content, enjoy super-fast transcriptions and entirely new interface and more! We just released ContentFries 2.0 and we a lot of things to cover, so let's get started.


Upload Your Content Faster

First up in our 2.0 tour is the uploader. We’ve redesigned it to be both simpler and faster than ever before.

You can now add up to 10 pieces of content from your device, or you can paste a link to the video. In this case you can finish the uploader immediately without waiting and your upload and processing will automatically finish in the background.

In the second step you can also pick platforms you're interested in, set the automatic transcription language and more, and save these settings for future projects.


Context Editor 2.0: Overlays, Smart Subtitling, Animations and More

Adding overlays like text, images, or animations is a common way to highlight key points in social media videos. Traditionally, this involves a time-consuming process of arranging overlays on a video timeline.

Use Text To Add Overlays

With our new context editor adding these overlays is much easier. Simply drag and drop a part of text, click the add button and choose what you want to add into your video. This method bypasses the complex timeline editing, speeding up your content creation.

Just by using the text transcription, you can quickly enhance your videos with animated texts, emojis, b-rolls, gifs, and icons.

Smart Subtitle Editor 2.0

That's not the only thing that our new subtitle editor makes easier. While the ease of use is one of the core priorities, it does a lot of things on the background to make your subtitles engaging and natural to watch.

You can easily control the character count for each subtitle. This feature intelligently breaks down the transcription into sentences, then adjusts them to your specified limit, fine-tuning the timing for each subtitle segment for optimal readability.

Subtitle And Text Animations

To make your content even more dynamic, you can apply subtitle animation from the animations tab. The current word can be highlighted and differentiated by enabling the word highlighter. This can positively impact the video retention and watch-through rates.

We currently support word-animations and will come up with more animation styles in the near future. It's also worth mentioning that static text elements and text emojis can also be animated and have a richer library of available animations. Alternatively, you can apply fade, zoom or slide animations on any text element.

AI Headline Generator

You can also use AI to generate a headline for your content in a single click, which will analyze your video transcription and recommend a great and catchy headline for your video.

Contexts, Presets And More

If you are multiplatform content creator, chances are you want to apply a different look and feel for your content on LinkedIn, TikTok or Instagram.

That's why we also added component presets, which you can use to create different styles of text and subtitles, store them as preset, and then use it your future projects with one click.

With the powerful context system you can easily create multiple variations of your content for different platforms and resize them auto-magically from square to portrait, landscape, vertical, or vice versa.

You can still render all your context in a bulk in a cloud, so you can initiate the rendering and then come back later and download all your pieces of content from the dashboard or from the events section.


Content Repurposing Improvements

We made significant improvements on how fast your content is processed and transcribed, so you can repurpose it much faster than before. English videos up to one hour are usually processed in less than 3 minutes, longer content should not take longer than 5-10 minutes, depending on the filesize and duration.

Once your content is ready in the trimmer, I recommend to always start with removing silences and disfluencies from the video.

Next step is to use our AI to analyze your content and recommend content chunks, but you can also do this manually by using a simple drag and drop on the video transcription.

Once you click generate, these content chunks will get generated into content fries, which you can process just like before.

Recently we improved the generation process and all fries should automatically have the correct word level timings, so you don't have to generate the transcription repeatedly and can leverage subtitle animations.

Development Priorities

Bug fixes and quality of life improvement will get released almost every day, and we will also share our updated roadmap where you'll be able to vote and recommend new features.

This quarter we want to release features like AI audio cleaner, AI video resizer and content recipes.

AI Audio Cleaner

This feature will provide you with an option to effortlesly improve your content audio quality. Remove background noise, mouth sounds, breath and more with a click of a button.

Watch the video below to see the difference between unmodified version and cleaned video version.

AI Video Resizer

If you record landscape videos, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to resize it into portrait mode. In this scenario it's great to have some tool that can automate the resizing, so the most important scene is always centered.

The upcoming AI video resized will handle this for you automatically, as it tracks the head movement and update the resized video accordingly.

Final Thoughts

With the release of ContentFries 2.0 we also need to update our tutorials, knowledge base and the overall user onboarding experience.

We were working hard on ContentFries 2.0 for months and now it is finally the time to also improve our communication with you and to deliver more content, tips, news, you got the idea.

With this in mind, I'll again start making content fridays to periodically keep you posted on what's new and what we're working on.

Let us know what you think of these improvements and remember to join our Facebook group where we often share what's cooking behind the scenes!