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“This is it!” 

We thought we found the right formula to create high-quality content for social media.

Followers were exploding. The engagement was on an all-time high. Some videos have crossed the magic line of million of views—all of that in a tiny country of 5,5M people. 

We discovered what it takes to create content pieces that have a high probability of going viral.

Yet, it was still not helping us achieve our goals…

What would make a branding manager celebrate for weeks was a failure to me. Embarrassing.

I was a marketing director, and yet… I was unable to monetize the efforts that lead us to create several viral content pieces.

Then I realized we’re doing it WRONG from the beginning.

We were targeting the wrong audience!

Our videos were engaging and appealing to the masses. They triggered a powerful emotion.

But they were useless in meeting our business targets. All they brought us were crickets and vanity metrics.

Since then, I always try to keep these three aspects fulfilled in order to produce high-quality content for social media.


What is the type of content your audience would like to watch? 

Maybe you were in their place in the past. 

What were your struggles, questions, challenges? What did you watch back then? What helped you? 

That’s the type of content you want to produce.

Content - 3 keys to high-quality content for social media
Content – 3 keys to high-quality content for social media


The ultimate goal of every social media is to have more and more users’ attention for as long as possible. Period.

If your content is engaging, if it’s triggering some emotion, the algorithm will like you.

But the catch is, the users are expecting different content on different platforms.

What is working on YouTube, may NOT work as well on Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn.

Making the contextual content means that you’re taking this into consideration. 

PLUS, you’re considering the “technical contextualities”, like the max. video length, if the users are watching the videos with sound muted so you add catchy headline with captions, etc.

ContentFries can make this a LOT easier for you. 

Context - 3 keys to high-quality content for social media
Context – 3 keys to high-quality content for social media


Selling pink teddy bears to raving Harley-Davidson fans makes no sense (unless they have grandchildren who’re insisting on it).

Way too many people are trying to reach everyone and end up reaching no one.

What helped us and countless others tremendously is to define a clear and concrete user avatar.

But don’t focus only on the demographics. Know their struggles, wishes, fears, what drives them, and so on.

Serving the right contextual content to the right audience can work wonders.

Audience - 3 keys to high-quality content for social media
Audience – 3 keys to high-quality content for social media


It’s tempting to get started with the content in the first place.

But this often leads to blinking cursor and frustration.

That’s why I believe it’s better to start the other way around.

  1. AUDIENCE – Define your target audience, ideally in a mind-map. This template can help you get started. Update and improve your avatar monthly or quarterly.
  2. CONTEXT – Think about where your avatar is spending his/her time. What type of content is working on those platforms? How can you make your content repurposable for every platform where you want to be? What tools can help you make your content contextual?
  3. CONTENT – Use what you know to create your content. Document your journey and try to wrap your content around your avatar’s profile. 

Every content creator’s journey has its ups and downs.

If you’re like me, you don’t have the time or energy to produce content every day. 

Be authentic, be yourself, and don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re a practitioner – we all are. It’s human to make mistakes. 

In a good flow, you can produce weeks’ or months’ worth of content in just 2-3 days.

But that’s just the start of it. All the content repurposing, post-producing, or simple captioning can take a lot more time than that.

That’s why we created ContentFries. 

It takes 15 minutes to do what usually takes hours of doing the old-fashioned way. And we’re just getting started.

If you’re not in yet, feel free to test the free trial.

What do you think about high-quality content for social media?

What aspects does it need to fulfill from your perspective? Feel free to share your thoughts!

PS: If you think this article can help someone, feel free to share it!

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