How to start building your social media presence


Starting to build your online presence? Great choice! That means, you probably should produce a lot of content, so let's get to it.

The ContentFries Content Cycle

This is HOW I’m going to create the content on my own from the beginning.

  1. WHO?

  2. WHERE?

  3. WHAT?

  4. WHY?

First of all, I answered all these questions.

  1. WHO is my target audience.

I like to define it into the mindmap or text document and do some research to make it more powerful.

  1. WHERE are they spending time.

This way I defined the platforms where I believe the ideal customers are, AND… Where I want to publish content.

For me, the main platform is YouTube. Then I’ll redistribute the content to Facebook, Instagram, blog, LinkedIn, TikTok…

  1. WHAT I’m going to serve them and WHY.

This way I defined 5 content categories from which I’m going to redistribute the content to the platforms I mentioned earlier.

For inspiration, I defined these content categories for ContentFries: A. The show with robot Anthony B. Features “ownership experience” C. Marketing minute D. Geeky minute E. Behind the scenes

This way, I’ll not create the content just for the sake of having it.

Every video I record will belong to some of the content categories, and is basically a “potato” I need to turn into the fries, BUT…

The key is to define content areas about which you can talk for HOURS without preparation.

I fill those content areas stuff I’m currently working on, or ideas I’m learning about. So it’s kinda like “document, not create” on steroids.

My goal is to start publishing 100 content pieces per week as soon as I can. Not counting stories.

Let’s do the math. Let’s just say for the sake of simplicity, I record 1 episode of the ContentFries show.

The first episode took me less than 10 minutes, even with my bad English.

Then I take this video (potato) and put it into ContentFries, so I create the captions.

Next - I’ll create various formats of the same video for YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, LinkedIn, Blog…

And publish them on these platforms, with various descriptions.

Now I have 5 content pieces.

Then I can make a couple of quotes contextual to the video I published.

Let’s just say I create three quotes and publish them on FB, IG, LinkedIn… three quotes x three platforms = nine content pieces…

Now I have 14 content pieces.

What if I cut the main video and create six 15-seconds video chunks from it? Those are the content pieces I can use on TikTok and Instagram for example…

Now I have 26 content pieces.

Then I can make some screenshots from the video and create long-form text status… To publish it on Instagram, Facebook…

And then rinse and repeat, and rinse and repeat….

With other “potatoes”, with other content areas.

And this is the content cycle I’m talking about here.

You can have your content prerecorded for a couple of weeks in advance…

Just in one or two days…

But the content distribution part of it is not so easy.

And that’s why I’m doing all of this.

So I can have the best possible understanding of it and pass all of the features ideas to the programmers.

It’s quite challenging to do all of this in English in addition to managing the marketing team in our Slovak business (which I have to until the end of this year)…

But you know what? Challenge accepted!!!

What do you think about this topic? ust let me know in the comments!


Hi guys, Lukas and Anthony from ContentFries here!

A: Don’t you dare bother me again!

Yeah, I can see Anthony’s in a good mood again. In this video, we’ll talk about why and how you should build your social media presence, so let’s get started.


As of today, I have no followers, no views, no list, no product—all because ContentFries is in closed beta testing and every engagement I have had was basically a paid ad…

So you should definitely listen to me.

A: Are you kidding me?

Well, kind of, but here’s the thing—

A: Oh gosh, don’t try to be the smart guy again… I’m the smart one, remember?

Anthony, I know I’m not the smart one here.

A: So why are you doing this, then?

Because I want to drive you crazy, my man!

The thing is, for more than five years I’ve been the marketing director for Andy Winson, who is the most famous motivational speaker in the country.

So I could see the exact steps it takes to grow from zero to hundreds of thousands of followers in a tiny country.

A: Yes, I like Andy, but I hate you.

That’s… heartwarming, Anthony. If you’re so smart, do you want to drop some value bombs into this video?

A: I’m ready for this, all the time. So here I have a one-size-fits-all, super-secret system to build your omni-presence in just two days. It’s $15,000, but if you buy it before the end of this video, you will get it for ONLY 2,000 bucks!

Anthony, what are you doing? You’re not even two weeks old, and you have no experience in this field… Plus, NO ONE knows you exist!

A: That’s going to change. Soon. Everyone watching this video is going to share it.

Why would they do that?

A: Because I have here some serious images of nice little puppies. Aren’t they shareworthy? Nice. Little. Puppies… Share?

Ok, sorry guys, I definitely need to send Anthony back to the programmer to fix his dumb behavior.

And I have a funny feeling we just wasted a couple of minutes without sharing anything of value… So here’s the deal.

In the link below this video, you will find an article covering the topic of this video in detail.

A: I see what you’re doing here. You want to bring them to your blog, right? How dare you?!

No comment on that. It’s very hard to share good advice when you interrupt me all the time.

A: Ok, I’ll give you thirty seconds; now share something!

Oh my, you’re so crazy… Ok. Because of Anthony, I don’t have the time to share all the things covered in the article, but here are three of them in a nutshell:

  1. Find your voice and passion.

This is important because doing something just to make more money is short-term thinking, and you will give it up as soon as you find some other opportunity.

  1. Know your ideal customer.

You should know your avatar as well as your sibling–better, if possible. Visualize them; find a picture representing them online and paste it on your wall.

Know their challenges and frustrations, what makes them happy, where they are spending their time. And serve them well



  1. Make an account on every platform where your ideal customer is spending their time.

Don’t be at the mercy of just one platform.

For example, I made a Twitter account for ContentFries, but after I spent a couple of minutes there, they banned us all of sudden, and I have no idea why.

A: You’re not completely useless. You can always serve as a bad example.

You know what? This is big. You’re right.

A: Of course I am.

No, I mean—. Sorry we didn’t share more value with you, but if you are interested, just click on the link below to read more.

But for now, let’s have some fun with us guys.

If you think Anthony is right and this is completely useless, write it down in the comments.

And if not, write what you think about this show, whether you like it or not.