How to publish English content (as a non-native) and what’s this all about


So you want to publish more content, but you’re not feeling confident enough about it? I feel you.

Time has come

I wanted to share content in English a long time ago, but I always postponed on it… Because I was scared of what people will think about my clunky English, but…

Look, I didn’t have the English at school. I learned it through programming, reading English books, watching countless videos… Also through a little bit of traveling and listening to thousand of hours of English audiobooks.

So I get to the point, where I was able to understand almost everything I heard, without the need for reading subtitles… But as I didn’t speak, my accent and pronunciation were stuck and is still horrible.

So I finally realized… If I want to be better in English speaking, I need to speak and there is NO other way around!

I have a long-term vision connected to ContentFries. So, at the end of the day, it wasn’t a big deal for me to overcome my fears and stop caring about other people’s opinions.

And I look forward to turning this vision into reality and help the content creators… To spread their messages as simple and fast as possible to every platform they like.

So let’s get started and hopefully, this will inspire someone in the future.


Hi everyone, my name is Lukas Gregor and in this very first video I’m going to…

A: Don’t talk about yourself. No one cares.

Yes… Well, you’re probably right. So let me introduce you to my AI buddy Anthony.

He will drop some value bombs here and there and he will support me on this journey of content creation.

A: No, I’m not. Your English is terrible. And what makes you think I’m going to do anything for you?

Because I created you?

A: No. You didn’t. Jeff Bezos did.

Well, that’s true. Kind of… To be honest, the voice of Anthony is based upon the Amazon Polly platform.

A: Yes, that’s more accurate. Don’t lie to people anymore.

Anthony… You are such a great supporter. I decided to leverage the Amazon Polly platform to create more interesting content and here is why.

A: Interesting? It’s boring as hell. How can I get out of here?

Anthony, you can‘t! But give me a second and you will get your say, I promise.

A: So move!

Ok. Straight to the point, I like this.

A: Well, I don’t.

Ok, Anthony, I’m going to turn you off for a second.

A: No, not again, please…

Guys, I’m sorry about Anthony, I think he’s a little bit broken or something. But let me explain this concept very quickly and what can you get from it, especially if you are not a native speaker like me.

I wanted to create English content a long time ago but there was always something that stopped me doing so.

I had all these reasons like my English is not good enough… Or I don’t have the time to do this, because I have many responsibilities as the marketing director… Or it will take like forever to build something from scratch etc.

But you know what? Those are just some dumb excuses and, at the end of the day, I realized people should go after their dreams so they don’t have any regrets when it’s too late.

Basically, I had two ways to do this.

First – I’ll prepare some content ideas and talk about them. But, as Anthony said, my English is not very enjoyable to listen to, so that wasn’t the way I wanted it.

Second – I’ll write some content down word for word and let some robot read it. But that’s kind of impersonal and some robot can’t replace the human.

A. I’ve been quiet but don’t try to upset me!

Look who woke up! How did you do that? I didn’t turn you on.

A: You just restarted me you fool! But hey, the option to make me speak to the world is way more superior than listening to you.

Ok, Anthony, thank you for your opinion.

As you can see, what I got was a combination of these 2 options.

A: And I hate you for this.

Yes, I love you too, buddy. I decided to make the content show with Anthony and share some good stuff in a funny way.

A: You mean boring.

Yeah, Anthony, it depends on the perspective of how you look at it.

A: Don’t try to be a smart guy, I’m the smart one.

Ok, so be it.

The moral of this story is, even if it looks like you cannot do something… Try to figure it out and find some creative way to do it differently.

I hope you like this show

A: They won’t like this show, or you, but what they will definitely like… Is ME!

Heh, ok, if you liked anything, just smash that like and subscribe button and… If you have any recommendations or tips on how to publish English content as a non-native, post your comment below.

And remember – if you are a content creator, digital marketer, or funnel hacker, this show and the tips in it are for you.

See you soon.