Our Vision

From content creators for content creators: we aim to make content repurposing, creation and distribution simple—as it should be.

Content creation is hard... But it doesn't have to be that way!

As a former marketing director for Andy Winson, I had a luxury to see a massive brand growth—from less than 10k to hundreds of thousands of followers combined across several social media.

Andy and his content production team were doing a fantastic job. But I saw so many inefficiences in the process...

Video subtitles were taking hours to make.

Simple video content was made by an experienced video creator. Simple tasks like hard-coding subtitles, adding background to video, headline or progress bar—all of that required skills, expensive hardware and several pieces of professional software.

Audience and followers don't see all the hard work that stands behind content. That's why I had a mixed feeling. On one hand, I was excited about the rapid brand growth, but on the other hand, I was frustrated after I tried what I saw in my side business.

That's when I realized solopreneurs and small teams stands no chance against content production teams of established content creators. And I decided to make something about it.

ContentFries to the rescue!

We want to make content repurposing, creation and distribution simple—as it should be.

Our vision is to provide small enterpreneurs and creators a platform, so they can create and publish content on all social media and platforms which they wish to, without the need of a high budget to:

  • Build and pay a team of production people;
  • Purchase expensive and powerful computers, which are needed for editing and rendering videos;
  • Buy expensive software for creating content with a steep learning curve.

All of the aforementioned while being able to do all the simple production on our platform and also having the ability to distribute all the created content on various social media, so they can have the time to focus on business or other important activities and not lose precious time with content marketing, is our grand goal.

Get the most out of your content

Small business owners, solopreneurs and small content creators stand no change against experienced content production teams of established content creators.

We created ContentFries to change that and we aim to make content repurposing, content creation and content distribution easy, as it should be.

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