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Failure that lead to creation of ContentFries

From: Lukas Gregor To: Busy small business owners and content creators

Everything started in January 2019, when I challenged myself, in the context of a new year's resolution, to record 50 videos each and every day and share them on my personal Instagram.

The reason I decided to do it was that I was a marketing director in Academy of Andy Winson (Akadémia Andyho Winsona) and I have seen the cost (literally and figuratively) of content creation for social media and that the videos are the cause of online presence, brand and fanbase growth.

We managed to create several videos with millions of views and tens of thousands of engagements in a tiny market of 5.5 million people.

I had a chance to model the whole process content creation from the ground up, and I wanted to apply it in my side business, but I failed, and the cause of my failure was the fact that content creation was very time-consuming—recording a video was the easiest part, but adding subtitles, editing the video itself, exporting and sharing on social media took great effort: all of the aforementioned for one 1 minute long video cost me 40 to 60 minutes of time.

That's why I gave up, but I've got an idea, and so we created the first version of captionsify, which we started using internally in Academy. It saved us time immediately, and thanks to captionsify, it took me less time to caption a video.

From a simple subtitler to ContentFries

Fast forward to February 2020: During the pandemic outbreak, I had an idea—what if reworked and made the captionsify software more advanced, so it can help people create videos similar to the ones we create, meaning videos with headlines, background, progress bar, captions, while having the ability to let users create more variants of the same video, e.g. landscape and vertical videos?

And that's how ContentFries was born. We launched it on the 1st of february. The rest is history. We have added many features and made hundreds of changes since launch: ContentFries Trimmer, which allows swift content multiplication via drag and drop in text document; Quotes Generator, that helps users create quotes for social media from a simple text; Changing the render infrastructure 4 different times; Making the export speed 15 times as fast in comparison to the first version; And many, many other things.

We also plan to connect ContentFries to social media in the future, so users can schedule their content on various social media directly from within ContentFries.

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Small business owners, solopreneurs and small content creators stand no change against experienced content production teams of established content creators.

We created ContentFries to change that and we aim to make content repurposing, content creation and content distribution easy, as it should be.

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