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About Us

Our team is small, but mighty and with a super powerful vision. We aim to make content repurposing, creation and distribution simple—as it should be.

Lukas Gregor

ContentFries Founder and CEO. He created the first version of ContentFries in January 2019, initially as a simple subtitling tool to simplify the process of video subtitling. After the pandemic hit, he realized the potential of something more advanced. That's how ContentFries was born and Lukas lead it to what it is today.

Daniel Gregor

Daniel is in a direct contant with our dearest content friers. He acts as a bridge between customer feedback and development. He also helps us with making our content and with video marketing.

Andy Winson

Head of the company, co-founder of ContentFries. Andy is a famous motivational speaker with hundreds of thousands of followers combined on several socia media. He and his content creation team made processes that lead his brand to create a huge following and many pieces of viral content. This later served as an inspiration, without which it would be impossible to create ContentFries.

Get the most out of your content

Small business owners, solopreneurs and small content creators stand no chance against experienced content production teams of established content creators.

We created ContentFries to change that and we aim to make content repurposing, content creation and content distribution easy—as it should be.

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Create dozens of content pieces very fast. Auto-captioning for 60+ languages. One-click adjustable progress bars. Perfect headlines generator. Publish your video transcripts as blog posts. Keep your computer running smoothly thanks to cloud exports and MUCH more!

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